Information - Illumination of Spirit

This work comes from my heart. As I look through my camera lens I can feel the essence of spirit within and something in me calls it forth. Beauty and magic seem to naturally unfold in those moments.

I am a natural light photographer and have been photographing in the greater Kansas City area since 1995.  I love to photograph yoginis, expectant mamas, animal companions, gardens and more!  I would very much enjoy photographing that special spirit in your life. Please contact me for availability and we will set a time for this special work.

Photo shoots are  $120/hour with a $200 minimum product purchase.  After meeting your minimum you choose up to 10 of your pictures to receive as low res, signed digital images suitable for sharing on social media or via email.  A DVD with all the images I have processed from your photo shoot can be purchased (includes print release). The number of processed images depends on the length and nature of the shoot - 25 minimum for a one hour shoot.

Each image is considered individually with an artist's eye and carefully adjusted for color, lighting and composition.  I consider each image to be a unique creation and artistic expression.  After initial processing is complete I upload finished images to your private online gallery, order test prints and then make lighting and color corrections before you place your order.

There is a full range of product available from my website, including matting and framing if you desire.  I can create a layout for a high quality seamless press-printed photo album from your images. Albums are available in a wide range of sizes, papers and cover options.  Pricing for albums will be quoted after we determine how many images and what options you would like.  Photo albums have become very popular and there is now quite a variety of prices and quality available. If I design your album and place the order, please know that I only work with highly professional photo labs that will ensure you get a finished product that will last for many years.

I look forward to working with you soon! 

Monica Hansen
913-735-3150 voice or txt

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